Board of Advisors:

BG Jimmy Khoo, SP District Cooling Ltd (Managing Director)

Dr. Richard Kwok, ST Kinetics Ltd. (Chief Technology Officer)

Prof. Huang Wei, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Academician), North-Western University (Deputy President/Professor)

Mr. Huang Yuxiang, Super Travels Pte Ltd (Managing Director), Super Robots Corporation Pte Ltd (Founder)


Board of Council Members:

Prof. John Weng, Michigan State University

Prof. Giulio Sandini, Italian Institute of Technology

Prof. Atsuo Takanishi, Waseda University

Prof. Norihiro Hagita, ATR

Prof. Jun Ho Oh, KAIST

Prof. Jean-Guy Fontaine, CRIIF

Prof. Wang Danwei, NTU

Prof. Xie Lihua, NTU

Prof. Yu Haoyong, NUS

Prof. Marcelo Ang, NUS

Prof. Chew Cheemeng, NUS

Prof. Wang Han, NTU

Prof. Zhong Zaowei, NTU

Prof. Miao Jianmin, NTU

Prof. Lin Feng, NTU

Prof. Low Kinhuat, NTU

Prof. Chen I-Ming, NTU

Prof. Ang Weitech, NTU

Prof. Louis Phee, NTU

Dr. Fang Zhongping, A-Star

Dr. Chen Wenjie, A-Star

Dr. Tian Qi, A-Star

Dr. Huang Weimin, A-Star

Dr. Guo Dong, Huawei Co.

Dr. Wu Xiaowei, Local Industry

Dr. Zhou Changjiu, Singapore Poly


Board of Executive Committee Members:


President:                                   Prof. Xie Ming

Vice President:                         Dr. Yin Xiaoming

Vice President:                         Dr. Hao Jinxin

Vice President:                         Dr. Lu Jiangzhou


Secretary General:                  Dr. Wee Teck Chew

Vice Secretary General:        Mr. Xu Jin

Vice Secretary General:        Mr. Lee Yew Fai

Vice Secretary General         How Woei Mun

Vice Secretary General         Mr. Steven Chan


Treasurer:                                     Mr. James Lee

Deputy Treasurer:                    Mr. Melvin Ang



S/N Appointment Name
1 President Prof. Xie Ming
2 Honorary Treasurer Mr. James Lee
3 Secretary-General Dr. Wee Teck Chew
4 Assistant Treasurer Mr. Melvin Ang
5 Assistant Secretary Dr. Hao Jinxin
6 Committee Member (IT master) Mr. Lee Yew Fai
7 Committee Member (Special Interest Groups) Mr. How Woei Mun
8 Committee Member (Training & Resources) Dr. Yin Xiaoming
9 Committee Member (Industry Development) Mr. Xu Jin
10 Committee Member (Strategic Development) Dr. Lu Jiangzhou
11 Committee Member (Outreach) Mr. Steven Chan


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